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Our Global Team

Meet the Team

Our team is made up of a diverse group of individuals from different backgrounds, experiences, and expertise, all working towards a common goal of empowering individuals, organizations, and communities to take action and make a positive impact on the environment. Our team members bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to the table, providing direction and guidance to ensure that our organization stays on track towards achieving our objectives. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards, and our team helps to ensure that we meet and exceed our goals. 

Maria MacAndrew

Executive Director
Steering Commitee Board Member 

Social entrepreneur, writer and AI Ethicist, works with developing communities to promote innovation, education and sustainable solutions

Vuyo Ncapayi

Global Coodinator and Communications Director

Vuyo is a creative inventor and driven global coordinator at My Zalu, passionate about innovation, learning, and positive change

Chizoba Nzeakor

Regional Coodinator – Africa
Steering Commitee Board Member

Renewable energy enthusiast,  sustainable waste,  project manager, climate advocate, and Global Youth Ambassador Advocates for women and youth

Jerrill Maurice Adams

Director of Global Education and DEI
Steering Commitee Board Member 

An advocate for equity and innovation in education,  creating unique learning experiences and empowering career educators.

Kaiwan Taqdees

Expert Advisor
Steering Committee Board Member

Climate activist. Educates youth on careers fighting climate change as head of the Cranleigh Abu Dhabi Enviro Committee & UNFCCC member

Samuel Chijioke Okorie

Operations Director
Steering Commitee Board Member 

Global Youth Climate Champion; Climate Education, Loss and Damage, WASH, Youth Inclusion, Policy drafting and IPC & Community Engagement

Jiho Lee

Regional Director – Eastern Asia
Steering Commitee Board member

STEM education advocate in rural areas. Head of ops committee. Empowering youth to reform rural areas & raise environmental awareness

Abdinoor Alimahdi

Regional Director – East Africa
Steering Committee Board Member

Education Technologist Telecommunications Engineer. Innovator of M-Lugha Mobile Apps, an advocate for Mother tongue in learning

Chris Nwachukwu

Regional Director – West Africa
Steering Commitee Board Member

Environmental advocate. Founder of Green Promise Initiative. Educator & UN ECOP Africa Node coordinator empowering youth

Nesibe Bengisu Dermikol

Regional Director – Eastern Europe
Steering Commitee Board Member 

A climate and animal rights activist with an MSc in Climate Change and International Development from the University of East Anglia, UK

Nuno Barracha Gaspar

Regional Director – Southern Europe
Steering Commitee Board Member 

A European Climate Pact Ambassador and a mentor/participant/developer of many environmental related projects all around Europe.

Leonan Valente

Regional Director – South America 
Steering Commiteer Board Member

Forest engineer, entrepreneur, photographer, environmental activist and project developer with traditional communities in the Amazon.

Judith Mulwa

Principal Investigator – Research Committee / Steering Committee 

ClimateTechAwards winner, a program manager and climate change/sustainable development consultant with 10+ years’ experience

Ashima Gulati

Expert Advisor
Steering Commitee Board Member

Social entrepreneur. Climate activist. Co-founder of a non-profit providing digital health-tech solutions for marginalized communities

Lucky Odume

Expert Advisor
Steering Commitee Board Member

Experienced engineer and safety professional passionate about community service, empowering youth and environmental conservation

Lamech Opiyo

Expert Advisor
Steering Commitee Board Member 

Award-Winning Conservationist Climate Activist, Rotaractor & Youth Leader from Kenya, Chairperson of The Green Rotaract Concept District 9212.

Sanghamitra Mukherjee

Stratergic Advisor
Steering Commitee Board Member

Multipotentialite artist, activist, social entrepreneur, researcher with expertise in climate science, energy policy, and project management

Zuzanna Borowska

Stratergic Advisor
Stratergic Partner – Open Dialogues

Political Science student, Climate advocate, UNFCCC active participant, and founder of Open Dialogues International Foundation

Meryem Hdia

Country Representative – Morrocco
Steering Commitee Board Member

Young vet, African Youth Climate Hub ambassador & environmental reporter researching climate change’s impact on animal biodiversity

John Obasi

Country Representative – Nigeria
Stratergic Partner – GECCI

A renowned Nigerian community evangelist, SDGs advocate, and climate activist. Innovative projects for tackling environmental crisis

Sumana Lamichhane

Country Representative – Nepal
Stratergic Partner – Powershift Nepal

Climate activist
M.Sc. Environmental Science student and executive member of Power Shift Nepal, valuing teamwork and research

Lily Tanui

Country Representative – Kenya
Stratergic Partner – TGAK

Environmental activist.  Environmental engineering student, advocates for conservation and founder of Tree Growers Association

Melissa Murwira

Country Representative – Zimbabwe 
Stratergic Partner – YVEZ

Advocates for youth involvement in climate action, Promotes advocacy platforms and empowers youth towards sustainable development

Achare Elvis Ayamba

Country Representative – Cameroon

Ecologist and advocate founded E2F to halt ecosystem degradation via education, campaigns, advocacy, and policy.

Stanley Sakala

Country Representative – Zambia 
Translation Team Lead

Experienced linguistics teacher and researcher specializing in African languages, English, and Literature. Passionate about revitalizing indigenous languages and translation. 

 Join the Movement for a Greener Future

Join us at My Zalu and become a part of a global movement for environmental education and care. We have many roles available, from steering committee and expert advisor positions to community champions and school chapter leaders. We are also open to partnerships with other profit, non-profit, and governmental organizations to help us achieve our mission of educating and inspiring the next generation to care for the environment. Your participation can make a difference in creating a sustainable future for all. Come and join us!

Steering Commitee

The Steering Committee is a key governing body within the organizational structure of My Zalu. The committee is responsible for providing overall direction, guidance, and support for the project. The committee is comprised of Regional Directors, Expert Advisors, a Research Board, an Audit Committee, and other members of the leadership team.

The main role of the Steering Committee is to make strategic decisions for the project, and to ensure that the project stays on track towards achieving its goals. The Committee is responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of key initiatives, as well as evaluating progress and making adjustments as needed.

The Steering Committee meets regularly to review progress and discuss important issues, and it is through this regular engagement and collaboration that the Committee is able to effectively guide and support the project.

Ultimately, the success of My Zalu is dependent upon the ability of the Steering Committee to provide strong and effective leadership, and to ensure that the project stays focused on its mission and goals.


Regional Directors

Regional Directors play a crucial role in the implementation and success of My Zalu. As representatives of the project in a specific region or continent, Regional Directors are responsible for:
  *Spreading the mission and message of My Zalu
  *Building partnerships and relationships
  *Regional Directors are responsible for identifying, recruiting, and managing local representatives, including school chapter leaders, community champions, and country leaders.
  *Regional Directors are members of the Steering Committee and help make decisions on behalf of their region, ensuring that the needs and perspectives of their region are considered in the project’s strategy and direction.
  *Regional Directors are responsible for the implementation of My Zalu activities in their region, including environmental education programs, community outreach initiatives, and fundraising events.

Overall, Regional Directors play a critical role in the success of My Zalu, helping to bring the project’s mission to life and creating a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future for all.


Expert Advisors

The role of the Expert Advisors in My Zalu is to provide expertise and guidance to the Steering Committee and help make informed decisions on how to best achieve the project’s mission. Expert Advisors bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team, and are drawn from a range of backgrounds and areas of expertise including environmental science, sustainability, education, marketing, and technology.

In their role as Expert Advisors, they will provide strategic and technical support to the Steering Committee and regional leaders, as well as help to shape the direction and strategy of the project. The Expert Advisors will be responsible for bringing their unique perspectives and insights to the table, and for working collaboratively with the other members of the Steering Committee to ensure the success of My Zalu.


Research Board

The role of the Research Board in My Zalu is to provide support to the organization through research and data analysis. The board will be responsible for conducting research and gathering data on various environmental issues and topics. This information will be used to inform the strategies, policies, and programs of the organization.

The research board will also provide recommendations and guidance to the Steering Committee on how best to address the environmental challenges facing our communities. Additionally, the board will collaborate with other departments within the organization to ensure that all research efforts are aligned with the overall mission of My Zalu. The board will provide the evidence-based information necessary to support the effective implementation of the organization’s initiatives.


Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is a crucial part of My Zalu’s steering committee as it plays a key role in ensuring that the organization is in compliance with regulations, financial accountability, and responsible practices.

The primary function of the Audit Committee is to review and monitor My Zalu’s financial reporting processes and the effectiveness of its internal control systems. The committee members ensure that the organization’s financial statements and other disclosures are accurate, transparent, and adhere to generally accepted accounting principles. They also review the audit and recommend the selection of an independent auditor. The committee is responsible for ensuring that the independent auditors are objective and independent of the organization.

At My Zalu, we believe that it is crucial to include an audit committee as part of our steering committee. This is because the committee’s oversight role ensures the transparency and integrity of the organization’s financial reporting. It provides confidence to our stakeholders, donors, and partners that we are accountable, financially responsible, and committed to our mission of environmental sustainability.


Country Representative

Country Representatives in My Zalu are responsible for representing and promoting the project within their respective countries. Their role includes building relationships with local schools, communities, and organizations to increase awareness of the project, engage new participants, and secure resources for implementation.

Country Representatives also work to establish and manage local partnerships, foster community involvement, and organize events to promote environmental education and sustainability initiatives. In addition, they are responsible for communicating feedback and insights from their countries to the Steering Committee to help shape the direction and strategy of the project. Overall, the role of Country Leaders is critical to the success of My Zalu and its mission to promote environmental awareness and action.


Local Community Champions

Local community champions play a crucial role in the success of My Zalu. They are responsible for promoting environmental awareness and action within their local communities. This involves working with schools, community-based organizations, and local government to raise awareness and promote environmental initiatives.

Local community champions are also responsible for organizing and leading local events, such as clean-up campaigns and educational workshops, that help to engage the community in the My Zalu mission. They act as ambassadors for the project, fostering relationships and building partnerships with key stakeholders in their local area. Through their work, the local community champions help to ensure that the impact of My Zalu is felt on a local level, making a positive difference in the lives of people and the environment.


School Chapter Leaders

School Chapter Leaders play a crucial role in the success of My Zalu by leading environmental awareness and action initiatives in their local schools and communities. They are responsible for engaging students, teachers, and parents in environmental education and encouraging them to adopt sustainable practices.
Some of the key responsibilities of School Chapter Leaders include:
Leading environmental activities and events in schools, such as recycling programs, composting initiatives, and educational workshops
Collaborating with other My Zalu volunteers and community organizations to create a network of support for environmental initiatives
Raising awareness about the importance of sustainability and encouraging students and teachers to take action
Developing and implementing educational materials and resources to support environmental education in schools
Providing feedback and recommendations to the My Zalu Steering Committee on ways to improve the impact of the project
Representing the voice of students and teachers in their local communities and participating in regional and global initiatives.
By serving as role models and advocates for sustainability, School Chapter Leaders play a vital role in advancing the mission of My Zalu and creating a more environmentally conscious future for all.


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Our Strategic Partners

By joining hands with our strategic partners, we are taking bold steps towards a greener future, reminding us all that together, we can make a difference. By walking side-by-side, we are stronger and more determined to create a better world for generations to come.


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