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My Zalu. Your Zalu. Our Zalu

Inspiring environmental care and awareness among children in their language.


Our mission is to equip and inspire the next generation with the education, resources, and opportunities to create a sustainable and thriving world for all.


 A world where future generations are equipped with the knowledge and resources to live sustainably, creating a healthier and more vibrant planet for all.


Innovative educational programs, hands-on experiences, and community engagement to inspire and empower the next generation of environmental leaders and decision-makers.

Welcome to My Zalu

We are a dedicated team of environmentally conscious individuals who believe in the power of storytelling to educate and inspire positive change. Our Mission is to raise environmental care awareness among children using their language, in their language.

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Empowering our
children to create
a greener 

At My Zalu, we believe in creating a sustainable future for all through the power of education and empowerment.We hold dear the values of innovation, compassion, and responsibility as we work towards a greener tomorrow for the next generation.

Our goal is to provide children with an easy and fun way to learn about the world around them in their own language, with Zalu as a guide to inspire them to take action and make a positive impact on their environment.

The project’s slogan is “My Zalu, Your Zalu, Our Zalu,” emphasizing that Zalu represents the planet, the animals, and all of us.

Join us in this mission to empower children to become active stewards of the environment and make a positive impact on the world. 



Zalu represents the tangible and the intangible things we all share as humanity. 

Zalu embodies both the physical and intangible elements that we all share as a global community – the air we breathe, the water we drink, the land we walk on, the animals that roam our planet. It is a collective responsibility for each of us to protect and care for our shared home – My Zalu, Your Zalu, Our Zalu.

Zalu With Us

A greener tomorrow, powered by the passion and purpose
our children

At My Zalu, we believe that educating children about environmental protection is crucial for ensuring a sustainable future. By teaching children about the importance of preserving the environment, we can empower them to make informed and responsible decisions throughout their lives. This includes not only in their career paths but also in the way they innovate and address global challenges.

Through our stories, various educational programs and initiatives, we aim to raise awareness about the impacts of climate change and the importance of taking action to mitigate it. By working with schools, community organizations, and other groups, we strive to create a generation of environmentally conscious and socially responsible citizens.


Our Journey So Far

Thanks to your support, we are experiencing daily growth and eagerly anticipate even greater progress and impact. Together, we are inspiring, educating, and empowering children to become better stewards of the environment.

Regions Represented

Countries Represented


Inspirational Initiatives Making an Impact Worldwide

In collaboration with our trusted partners, we are thrilled to be working on a range of innovative projects that push the boundaries of what’s possible. From creating inspirational stories to developing sustainable solutions for communities around the world, each project reflects our commitment to excellence, creativity, and making a positive impact. Explore our portfolio to learn more about these exciting initiatives and how we’re shaping the future together.

The Amazing Adventures of Zara the Camel: Saving the Environment

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Fight for Survival: The Inspiring Story of an Endangered Sea Turtle’s Journey

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Inspire Future Generations with Zalu and the Magic Pink

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The Green Generation: Inspiring Kenyan Children to Care for the Planet through Tree Planting

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Bookids: Fostering a Love for Reading and Outdoor Learning in Young Students with Highschooler Mentors

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From Reading to Greening: My Zalu Books Inspire Zimbabwean Children to Care for the Environment

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Educate and inspire future generations with Zalu and the Magic Pink

With the publication of “Zalu and the Magic Pink,” we’re excited to share a story filled with hope and magic, showing the world the power of positive impact one person can have. Join us on this journey as we spread the message of love, courage, and the importance of taking care of our planet for generations to come.


How We Work

At My Zalu, we believe in creating a sustainable future for all through the power of storytelling and empowerment. We hold dear the values of collaboration, innovation, compassion, and responsibility as we work towards a greener tomorrow for our children.

Partnering with Communities

We collaborate with local communities to gain insight into their unique needs, challenges, stories and strengths.

Story Development
Educational Material

We create interactive children’s stories, educational activies and games  in collaboration with local communities.

Translation and Sponsorship

We work with sponsors and volunteers to fund the translation of the stories and activities into local languages.

Distribution and Education

We distribute books and implement educational programs and activities on environmental preservation. 

Collaborate With us

At My Zalu, we strongly believe that protecting endangered animals and preserving our environment is a global responsibility. To this end, we have a dedicated team of representatives spread across the world who are committed to collaborating with communities to identify their unique challenges and develop tailored solutions. Our team then partners with sponsors and a group of volunteers to create Zalu stories and activities that are relevant to each specific community. Finally, we ensure that these resources are accessible to all by translating them into local languages.

But we don’t stop there. We are constantly looking for more people to join the My Zalu movement. Whether it’s through partnering with us, volunteering, becoming global ambassadors, or becoming strategic expert advisors, we welcome anyone who shares our passion for, environmental awareness, protecting endangered animals and preserving our planet. Together, we can create a better future for all living creatures.

So join us today and be part of the My Zalu movement!


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Our Strategic Partners

By joining hands with our strategic partners, we are taking bold steps towards a greener future, reminding us all that together, we can make a difference. By walking side-by-side, we are stronger and more determined to create a better world for generations to come.


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Praise for My Zalu

Your beautiful words of encouragement cheer us on, driving us to do more and reach greater heights. We are pleased to share some feedback from our community about the My Zalu project and our books, as a testament to the impact you have helped us create.

Promise C

Highly recommended for everyone who loves nature… This book is suitable for adults too.


Zalu and The Magic Pink is an amazing book. I’m not a child and even I enjoyed reading it. I highly recommend it.

Vee Skye

Read the book a few times already, and it touches me as though I’m reading it for the first time every time.

Duke Y

Wow! What a beautiful book and story. So colorful amazing with beautiful uplifting lessons for not only kids but all ages.