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Our mission is to equip and inspire the next generation with the education, resources, and opportunities to create a sustainable and thriving world for all.


A world where future generations are equipped with the knowledge and resources to live sustainably, creating a healthier and more vibrant planet for all.


Innovative educational programs, hands-on experiences, and community engagement to inspire and empower the next generation of environmental leaders and decision-makers.

Inspire Future Generations with Zalu and the Magic Pink

Zalu and the Magic Pink

Zalu and the Magic Pink: A Story of Inspiration and Environmental Action” is a captivating children’s book that was born out of a desire to educate and inspire the next generation to be environmentally conscious. Follow the journey of Zalu, a young elephant who discovers a magical solution to save her home from the damaging effects of human behavior. Through her challenges and triumphs, Zalu learns the power of small actions to create big change and the importance of preserving our planet for generations to come.

This book is sure to capture the imagination of children and ignite a fire in their hearts to make a positive impact on the environment.

Fight for Survival: The Inspiring Story of an Endangered Sea Turtle’s Journey

Zalu and the Bloated Turtle

This is an amazing story of hope and courage. This story follows the journey of a sea turtle as it tries to stay alive. It faces many hurdles along the way, but with the help of new friends and heroes who work tirelessly to save the environment, there is hope.

This story is not only captivating and touching, it also shows how important it is to safeguard the environment and how our actions affect endangered species.
By telling this inspiring story to children, we can help teach and inspire them to protect and preserve the natural world. Join us in giving all endangered species a chance.

UAE Biodiversity Diversity Stories

Dunes of Diversity
A Tapestry of UAE Life

My Zalu has been privileged to partner with Al Mawakeb Schools to empower students with biodiversity knowledge and creative expression through research, hands-on activities, and story creation. With the help and support of the school, their teachers, and fellow learners, students crafted 16 short stories on different elements of biodiversity, such as the Arabian leopard, and the mangrove tree. The book is scheduled to be published and distributed in early December 2023.

The students’ book is currently being edited and prepared for publication. The students’ stories will be translated and distributed to foster a “by young people for young people” ethos and ensure the widespread dissemination of environmental messages across schools, regions, and countries, facilitating cross-cultural knowledge exchange and promoting biodiversity awareness across different landscapes.
Overall, the partnership between My Zalu and Al Mawakeb Schools is a remarkable example of how education and collaboration can inspire and empower young people to become champions of the environment.

Bookids: Fostering a Love for Reading and Outdoor Learning in Young Students with Highschooler Mentors

Bookids Sharing Knowledge

Bookids is a club where experienced highschoolers get together with young elementary kids, and take their time to teach the children more about how to read. This club explores the adventures of learning through reading, but also included hands-on activities for more outdoor experiences. Through this club, the elementary students become more aware of how to read, and how to broaden their imagination.

We are very excited to collaborate with My Zalu to broaden our spectrum!

The Green Generation: Inspiring Kenyan Children to Care for the Planet through Tree Planting

Tree Planting in Kenya

Introducing  a joint project between My Zalu Initiative and the Tree Growers Association of Kenya that aims to inspire Kenyan children to care for the planet through tree planting, education, and awareness-raising initiatives.

Our collaborative efforts will focus on planting trees, raising awareness about the importance of environmental conservation and sustainability, and educating children on best practices for sustainable development. We’re also committed to restoring degraded landscapes, creating green spaces, and promoting biodiversity in schools.

We believe that this project will have a significant impact on the environment and the people of Kenya. By bringing together local communities, organizations, and individuals, we can make a difference in our communities and the environment.

At My Zalu Initiative and the Tree Growers Association of Kenya, we’re passionate about this project and confident that it will have a lasting impact on the environment and the people of Kenya. Join us as we inspire the next generation of environmentally conscious citizens and create a greener, more sustainable future for all!

The Amazing Adventures of Zara the Camel: Saving the Environment

The Adventures of Zara the Camel

An adventurous tale full of inspiration, this story follows the travels of young Zara, a curious and tenacious camel. Set in the vast and mystical deserts of East Africa, Zara embarks on a quest to discover the meaning of life, the secrets of the universe, and ways to save the environment and improve the life of her people.

Along the journey, she encounters a cast of intriguing characters, ranging from wise old camels to mischievous sand snakes, as well as numerous obstacles that test her courage and resolve. Through her challenges and triumphs, Zara learns important lessons about perseverance, the power of friendship, and the importance of protecting the natural world around us.

With beautiful illustrations and a captivating storyline, this book is perfect for children and adults who love adventure, discovery, and making a positive impact on the environment.

From Reading to Greening: My Zalu Books Inspire Zimbabwean Children to Care for the Environment

From Reading to Action

In collaboration with young volunteers for the environment in Zimbabwe, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be sponsoring and distributing books to a number of schools in Zimbabwe as part of our efforts to encourage reading and inspire action towards environmental care.

Our book of choice is Zalu and the Magic Pink, an engaging story that teaches children about the importance of protecting the environment. We’ll be engaging with the children through reading sessions and other educational activities over a period of eight weeks.

During this time, children will be encouraged to come up with their own environmental campaigns inspired by the book, both as a club and a school chapter. We believe that this project will not only encourage reading, but also inspire innovation and action towards environmental care.

We’re proud to be partnering with these young volunteers in Zimbabwe, and we hope that this project will not only benefit the children, but also have a positive impact on the environment in their communities. Join us on this exciting journey as we empower the youth to make a difference and create a better future for us all.

Our Journey So Far

Thanks to your support, we are experiencing daily growth and eagerly anticipate even greater progress and impact. Together, we are inspiring, educating, and empowering children to become better stewards of the environment.




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