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A gift for nature that is as giving as nature

In a world brimming with natural wonders, let us pause and express our heartfelt gratitude for nature’s bountiful gifts. As the festive season approaches, let us embark on a journey to honor nature’s generosity with the “Thank You Nature” challenge – a challenge that echoes the spirit of gratitude, connection, and giving back.

Our Mission

To inspire a deep appreciation for nature and empower individuals to take action towards its protection, especially during this time of thanksgiving and festive cheer.

Our Vision

We envision a world where people appreciate and are connected to nature with a profound love, leading to its safeguarding and flourishing.

Our Goals

Plant 10,000 trees in December 2023, collect 10,000 gifts for endangered species at Green Fingers Conservation Center and inspire tens of thousands more gifts to nature. 

Take the challenge in 5 simple steps!

Nature has been good to us. Take the challenge and connect with nature

Buy Nature a Gift

Purchase or sponsor a gift for nature. You can conveniently buy a gift for nature on our website or you can buy a gift for your own pet, for nature in your home or surroundings, or for any animal or nature cause that resonates with you. Your gift can be as small or as large as you like. Remember, it’s the thought that counts.

Buy Nature a Gift Now



Share Your Gift or Gift Certificate

If you purchase your gift through our website, we will send you a gift certificate. Upon receiving your gift certificate with a unique number, create a social media post showcasing your gift to nature. If you purchased a gift, perhaps for your own animal, or supported another conservation or nature initiative of your choice, please post a picture of your gift with the hashtag #thankyounaturechallenge.

Connect with Nature

Create a video showcasing your connection with nature or an animal for 30 seconds. End the video with a heartfelt “Thank you, Nature.” How you choose to connect with nature is your choice. You can do anything you like. It could be hugging your pet, hugging a tree, standing under a waterfall, or anything unique to you. The only rule is that it should be for 30 seconds exactly.



Publish Your Video

Post your video with the hashtag #thankyounature. You can post this video on any social media platform of your choice. Use creative and personalized approaches to your activity and social media posts. Remember to add the hashtags #thankyounaturechallenge.

Nominate Three Friends

Publicly nominate three friends to take the challenge. Remember to share with them the five steps of the challenge.


A Gift for Nature that Grows with Gratitude

Together, let us embark on this journey of gratitude and preservation, ensuring that nature’s gifts continue to flourish for generations to come. With each tree we plant, and each rescured animal we help feed, we express our heartfelt appreciation for the natural world and pledge to nurture its well-being. Let the “Thank You Nature” challenge be a testament to our collective commitment to safeguarding nature’s legacy.

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Our Partners

We have partnered with amazing organisations to bring this challenge to you.