Villa Mollepamba, Vilcabamba, Loja Ecuador

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Raising the Banner of Environmental Consciousness: My Journey on Kgale Hill Gaborone

Introduction As someone who has recently fallen head over heels for nature, hiking, mountain climbing, and rock climbing, it’s both disheartening and baffling to witness the disregard some fellow adult adventurers show for the simple mantra of leaving only footprints and capturing only memories amidst the beauty of nature.On my explorations around Southern Africa, my…
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My Zalu’s Arrival in Kenya: Inspiring the Next Generation of Environmental Leaders!

Kenya is a realm of breathtaking beauty, where the wonders of nature stretch as far as the eye can see. In this enchanting land of diverse landscapes, from the majestic Mount Kenya to the endless plains of the Maasai Mara, lies a hidden treasure—the boundless potential within the hearts of Kenyan children. These young dreamers…
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Join the Fight: My Zalu and ThinkOcean Team Up to Protect Endangered Sea Turtles and Educate Children on Marine Conservation

My Zalu has partnered with the ocean conservation group ThinkOcean on a mission to save endangered turtles in the new children’s book, “Zalu and the Bloated Turtle.” The story line, developed with the help and inspiration of Green Fingers Wildlife Conservation Center, is a heartwarming story about the power of courage and determination in the…
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John Obasi Joins My Zalu as Country Representative for Nigeria

My Zalu, an emerging and growing environmental awareness and education organization, is pleased to announce that Obasi John has joined My Zalu as a country representative in Nigeria, heading the book publishing and distribution department. In his new role, Obasi will lead our efforts to expand the availability of quality literature across Nigeria while also…
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Jiho Lee Joins My Zalu as Regional Director for the Asian Region.

My Zalu, an emerging and growing environmental awareness and education organization, is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Jiho Lee as Regional Director for the Asian Region. Jiho Lee’s extensive experience in environmental advocacy and community engagement makes him the perfect candidate for this exciting new partnership. Together, My Zalu and Jiho will work towards…
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Zalu and the Magic Pink: A Journey to a Greener Tomorrow

As we face the daily hustle and bustle of life, it’s easy to forget about the environment and its importance. But the urgency for sustainable living and the preservation of the planet has never been greater. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce you to our latest publication, “Zalu and the Magic Pink.” This captivating…
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