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Join the Fight: My Zalu and ThinkOcean Team Up to Protect Endangered Sea Turtles and Educate Children on Marine Conservation

Join the Fight: My Zalu and ThinkOcean Team Up to Protect Endangered Sea Turtles and Educate Children on Marine Conservation

My Zalu has partnered with the ocean conservation group ThinkOcean on a mission to save endangered turtles in the new children’s book, “Zalu and the Bloated Turtle.” The story line, developed with the help and inspiration of Green Fingers Wildlife Conservation Center, is a heartwarming story about the power of courage and determination in the face of adversity.

Perfectly timed to coincide with Ocean Week this year, the book aims to raise awareness about the importance of ocean conservation and the impact of human activities on marine life. Through Zalu’s inspiring journey, young readers will learn about the challenges faced by endangered species and the critical role we all play in protecting our planet’s biodiversity.

People are more likely to protect and care for what they love. And you cannot love something that you don’t know about. Therefore, raising awareness about endangered animals is crucial, especially among children, because it allows them to learn about these animals, grow to love them, and ultimately, become their protectors.

Maria MacAndrew

The Inspiring Story of an Endangered Sea Turtle’s Journey

The story follows Zalu on a heart-wrenching adventure as she bravely stands up for an innocent sea turtle falsely accused of breaking a fisherman’s net. As they journey together, Zalu discovers the harsh realities of the dangers that sea turtles face on a daily basis and the appalling beliefs and attitudes that drive people’s behaviors towards them.

But that’s not all. Zalu’s new friend, the bloated turtle, is not only suffering from the effects of plastic pollution, floating syndrome and a serious lung condition, but is also heavily pregnant and ready to release her eggs. With the threat of illegal turtle traders, traditional healers, and hunters, Zalu’s trust in humanity is shattered as she battles with the dilemma of whether to release her friend back into the ocean and risk her life and that of her eggs or to sacrifice the eggs for the sake of her survival.

This emotional tale of hope draws us into the plight of endangered animals and the impact of our actions on them. Inspired by the work of the Green Fingers Wildlife Conservation Center in Nigeria, and based on a true life story of a rescued turtle, this story sheds light on the daily struggles faced by these animals and the tireless efforts of conservation organizations worldwide to protect them.

A Journey to Save a Species

The book provides an insight into the importance of taking care of our oceans and the creatures living in them, as well as the beauty and fragility of the ocean. Sadly, thousands of species of marine animals have become endangered due to human action. The book aims to  raise awareness of the plight of these endangered sea animals and inspire children to take action and help protect our oceans.

Several factors contribute to the status of sea turtles as an endangered species. Human activities such as coastal development, pollution, and over fishing, are some of the major contributors to their demise. Accidental entanglement in fishing gear is another threat to sea turtles, often resulting in serious injury or death. Loss of sea turtle habitat, extreme weather, and egg poaching all have a devastating effect on the turtles’ ability to reproduce. This has led to the decline of sea turtle populations worldwide. Several species are now considered endangered, and a few are even considered critically endangered.

Despite the fact that conservation efforts are already underway in many parts of the world to conserve and restore sea turtle populations, It is crucial to continue raising awareness about the need of safeguarding these amazing creatures and their ecosystems in order to secure their survival for future generations.

Uniting Communities for a Sustainable Future

My Zalu and ThinkOcean are bringing together young people from around the world with different expertise in storytelling, editing, illustrating, and more, to collaborate on this project and help create this story. This brings together different intelligent minds and gives all the diverse young people working on the project a chance to learn about our oceans, various societal issues that affect people in different regions, and conservation efforts. It is hoped that this will be another way to spread awareness and drive positive action among young people.

By telling this inspiring story to children, we can help teach and inspire them to protect and preserve the natural world. Join us in giving all endangered species a chance.

 “Storytelling is a powerful tool for educating children and inspiring them to take action,” says Maria MacAndrew, the founder and executive director of My Zalu. “Statistics show that when children are engaged with the material, they are more likely to remember and retain the information. With this in mind, we are thrilled to have partnered with ThinkOcean and Green Fingers Conservation Center to create this story as a way to educate children about endangered sea animals and the importance of protecting our oceans. Through this book, we hope to spark an interest in environmental conservation and sustainability among children, as this is one of our few best bets at saving endangered animals and the ocean.”

“Through our collaboration with My Zalu, we hope to empower children to take an active role in marine conservation. By instilling a sense of responsibility and appreciation for the ocean in young minds, we can create a society that values and protects our oceans for generations to come. Think of it like planting a seed: if we cultivate a love and respect for the ocean in children today, it will grow into a powerful force for change in the future.”

Shubhangi Thakur, Executive Director at Think Ocean.

 My Zalu and ThinkOcean are excited to collaborate on this project and are looking forward to sharing the story with children worldwide. Additionally, they are grateful to the Green Fingers Wildlife Conservation Center. They look forward to working with them in the future to bring awareness to endangered marine animals, and to continue to create stories that will inspire children to take action and help protect our oceans.

Support this project

My Zalu and ThinkOcean are  calling on individuals and organizations to support this project and help bring the book to life. There are several ways to support the project. These include:

If you wish to make a financial contribution towards raising awareness about endangered sea turtles and protecting our oceans, please consider donating to this project. Your donation will help us:

  • Create a high-quality interactive ocean literacy book for children
  • Raise awareness about the plight of endangered sea turtles
  • Support marine conservation efforts by our partners ThinkOcean
  • Support wildlife conservation efforts by our partner organisations such as the Green Fingers Wildlife Conservation Center
  • Provide children from developing communities with an opportunity to learn about and appreciate the wonders of the oceans

With your support, the team believes  they can make a positive impact on the environment and inspire the next generation to protect our oceans.

Your donation is an investment in the future of our planet and its inhabitants, and we thank you for your generous support. As a token of our appreciation, you will receive a thoughtful gift.

Amount Sponsored Our gift to you
What you get
$10-An e-book plus a personalized postcard or bookmark 
$50-A physical copy of the book 
-A thank-you note from the author 
-A behind-the-scenes look at the book 
$100-Everything above plus a certificate of appreciation 
 -An ocean preservation themed t-shirt 
$500-Everything above plus an ocean preservation themed  t-shirt
-50 books donated to children in underdeveloped communities in your name 
-Acknowledgement and mention as a sponsor in the book 
$1000-Everything above plus 100 books  donated to children in underdeveloped communities in your name 
-A digital copy of the book 
-A customized video message from the authors 
$10000-Everything above plus 500 books donated to children in underdeveloped communities in your name
-A donation/sponsorship to a marine conservation children’s initiative in your or organization’s name
-A personalized video tour of a marine conservation center
-An invitation to a virtual book launch event

About My Zalu

My Zalu is a new and innovative project that aims to teach children about the environment and inspire them to take action in their own language. The goal of My Zalu is to inspire, educate, and empower children to be better stewards of the environment. My Zalu provides children an easy and fun way to learn about the world around them. 

My Zalu’s flagship project, “Zalu and the Magic Pink,” is a captivating children’s book that introduces young readers to the wonders of the environment and the vital role they can play in protecting it. Through colorful illustrations and engaging storytelling, this book ignites a passion for nature and inspires action. 

About Think Ocean

Founded in 2017, ThinkOcean is a youth-driven grassroots non-profit organization with a passion for tackling the world’s most pressing environmental challenges. Our organization is built on the premise of empowering young people as the current and future leaders of our society. We are unwaveringly committed to engaging youth and tackling the most pressing environmental challenges of our time, with a particular focus on bridging the gap between ocean awareness and action.

By utilizing our extensive network, which spans across four continents, we are able to bring awareness to environmental issues that are not only prevalent in our own backyards, but also on a global scale. Our focus is not only on spreading awareness but also on spurring discourse and taking action to protect and conserve our ocean and planet.

Together with My Zalu, we hope to create a book that not only educates children about the importance of ocean conservation, but also inspires them to take action and make a positive impact on their environment. Through collaboration, we can pool our resources and expertise to create something truly impactful and inspiring for the next generation of environmental stewards.

About Green Fingers Conservation Center

The Green Fingers Wildlife Conservation Initiative is a registered non-governmental organization in Nigeria that was founded at the Nigerian Conservation Foundation’s recommendation. (NCF). Locally and internationally, Green Fingers is committed to promoting and raising awareness about a variety of environmental issues, including energy efficiency, waste management, clean ocean initiatives, carbon economy, and green economy. The organization’s activities are designed to contribute to the attainment of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, making it a crucial participant in the conservation and preservation of Nigeria’s wildlife and natural resources.

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